BIOANTH Laboratory

The BIOANTHBIOlogical ANThropology and dental Histology Laboratory, active in the ERC research project MOTHERS (ERC-2022-STG 101077348), is located at the Department of Odontostomatological and Maxillofacial Sciences of the Sapienza University of Rome (Italy).
The project aims to study the evolution over time of the bio-cultural relationship between mother and infant, based mainly on the study of the microstructure and chemistry of deciduous and permanent teeth. The BIOANTH laboratory is therefore equipped for thin sectioning of primary and permanent teeth and histological analysis by light microscopy in transmitted and reflected light. All procedures are carried out in the laboratory, except those specific to biogeochemical analysis.

The BIOANTH laboratory is equipped with →

A fully automated Axio Imager M2 optical microscope in X,Y,Z, coupled to a Z8 HP workstation and AxioCam 507 camera.

A Primostar 3 optical microscope with a coupled AxioCam 208 camera and associated monitor.

High-capacity workstation HP Z8 G5 Intel® Xeon® Gold (64GB RAM) and associated monitor.

Isomet Buehler Low Speed cut-off machine.

  • Ultrasonic bath;
  • Scales with 0.01g sensitivity;
  • Mechanical heating stirrer.