Melania Gigante

Core collaborator

Melania Gigante (PhD 2019, University of Bologna, Italy) is a bioarchaeologist, currently a post-doctoral researcher (RTD-A) and holder of the Bioarchaeology course at the Department of Cultural Heritage, University of Padua (Italy).

Her research focuses on chemical and histological analysis of inhumed and cremated human remains from archaeological skeletal collections. During her PhD, she focused on the morphological, histological and isotopic analyses of cremated and inhumed remains from Pithekoussai (8th-1st cent. BCE, Ischia, Italy). Winner in 2023 of the MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship with the project “GIRLS” at the University of Kent (UK), exploring the evolution of human life history markers, and particularly age at puberty and first childbirth in ancient Italian societies.