Alessia Nava


Alessia Nava is a biological anthropologist specialized in dental histology, with particular attention to the early phases of human life. She is the P.I. of the research project MOTHERS.

During her career, she explored several dimensions of palaeoanthropological research, from Archaeology and Palaeoanthropology to cutting-edge technologies applied to archaeological and fossil human specimens. In the last few years, she developed histologically-defined elemental and isotopic analyses of dental enamel through LA-(MC)-ICPMS, aiming at disentangling at the high spatial resolution the mineralization patterns of human dental enamel and the dietary and mobility patterns of past human populations. From the start of her PhD in 2014, she developed techniques for virtual histology of fossil and subfossil teeth at the SYRMEP beamline of Elettra Sincrotrone in Trieste (Italy).