Carmen Esposito

Core collaborator

Carmen Esposito (PhD 2021, Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland) is a bioarchaeologist currently a Post-doc Researcher at the University of Bologna (Italy), interested in human mobility in early Iron Age in Italian peninsula.

She exploring the Villanovan phenomenon of pre-Roman Italy through material culture, Osteology, and multi-isotope analysis. She has recently started her MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship project “TULAR” at the University of Bologna (Italy), exploring human mobility in various Villanovan sites across the Peninsula. She was previously a Rome Fellow at the British School at Rome (BSR), working on the osteological collection of the Iron Age necropolis of Fermo (Marche, Italy) at Museo delle Civiltà (Rome, Italy). Carmen was also a PDRA at Cardiff University working on the FeastNet project on multi-isotope analysis of animal bones from the British Bronze – Iron Age.