Simone Lemmers


Simone A.M. Lemmers (PhD 2017, Durham University, UK) is a biological anthropologist and broadly interested in using hard tissues to answer questions on life history, growth, development, and responses to physiological stress, in both modern and fossilized tissues.

During her PhD she focussed on stress, life history and dental development in primates. Simone is the PI of the  MSCA-PF project “ENIGMA” – nEanderthal virtual boNe hIstology: deciphering hominin Growth rates, activity and environmental Adaption at Elettra Synchrotron, Trieste (Italy). For this project, she is using lab-based and advanced Synchrotron Radiation applications for the multi-modal assessment of Neanderthal skeletal microstructure. Simone works closely with the MOTHERS project PI and its participants on various projects related to hard tissue histology. Additionally, Simone works as a research fellow at Harvard Medical School/Mass General Hospital with the team of Dr Erin Dunn using modern deciduous teeth to assess the impact of early life stress exposure on mental health and depression throughout the life course.